I pass my neighbor

Written by Oludotun Saseyi

I’m smarter than Saraki
I sent him to eclipse
I’m ALL the voters in Kwara
My finger on each ballot paper.

I’m smarter than Saraki
I egged him to eclipse
Certified medical doctor,
but my own cert in tension.

I’m smarter than Saraki
I sank him in eclipse
though I drowned in Edo
shone nil glory at home

I’m smarter than Saraki
I set him in eclipse
my party vacant in Zamfara
Novel in political Nigeria

I, Oshi, smarter than Saraki
immersed him in eclipse
EFCC in dormant hunt
of untold Edo funds.

O! so smarter than Saraki
I buried him in eclipse.
though I’m king of tomorrow
but blind to dead fowls and corn.
(maestro) petals fm. Ib.2019.

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Oludotun Saseyi

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