KANU: The Return

I recall the bounty
Sounding like comedy.
But it was a deal
Signed and sealed.

Wafted down like dew,
But it didn’t fuse
Yet from mainstream
That he ceased being supreme

But the impression
Was of an asylum
Which worked on back & forth
Gavels, wigs &black cloth

Some were stunned
Others caught fun
Some couldn’t be bothered
Delayed reaction in others.

Some laugh in language,
But won’t still be assuaged.
Some in native, cry
Yet would in future, try.

The true Kanu comes
From DSS holes.
Either roar in defense
Or mortified by malfeasance

Ahead of this drama
Is a child of Biafra
Among millions of others
Filling his void like a fetch.

None sees the gash of water.
None sees the scar of river.
As a bucket is fetched
Another replaces the etch.

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Oludotun Saseyi

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